Berkery Noyes produces timely, original research and commentary on the market segments we cover, based on information compiled through our proprietary MandAsoft information resource. 

Trend Reports are quarterly analyses of mergers and acquisitions activity in the most active segments. Maintained and constantly updated by our in-house research department, with transaction history dating to 2004, MandAsoft is an online database of publicly announced transactions across the entire media, information and related technology spectrum. Qualified users are invited to register for basic access to MandAsoft and to receive these timely, informative, and valuable publications at no charge. Subscribers are invited to contact a Berkery Noyes Managing Director to discuss how this insight and data can impact your business. 

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The Source for M&A Data

Berkery Noyes offers its extensive M&A transaction database to qualified users through a simple yet powerful proprietary information service called Compiled and maintained in-house by a dedicated research team, MandAsoft is a graphically enhanced, searchable database containing records on tens of thousands completed mergers and acquisitions transactions. Unique in the information industry, this comprehensive data source is useful in analyzing historical buyer strategies, valuations, and current transaction trends. It’s also the basis for Berkery Noyes’ Information Industry Weekly report, as well as quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports of transaction activity.

Learn More is a simple but powerful information service that provides mergers and acquisitions data via a hosted, graphically enhanced and searchable database. is based on Berkery Noyes’ Information Industry Weekly report, an immensely popular resource for mergers and acquisitions data to many of the top executives of companies that have been shaping the future of information as we know it.

From the advent of digital print to the growth of the internet and interactive information, Berkery Noyes has tracked and mapped over 60,000 companies with its proprietary classification system using a combination of lexicon and taxonomy that we have termed lexography. Wanting to bring the results of this work to a larger audience, we created, a hosted version of our lexography based transaction data – where one can search companies and transactions in seconds and without any technical knowledge or initial need of an analyst. Although anyone interested in M&A would find to be highly useful, this service is geared towards a C-level executive who wants to quickly find and review information industry transactions and companies with an eye toward finding a match for their own products and services.

We encourage you to register to receive the basic access that provides a weekly email alert and, with it, the ability to review recent transactions as a timely, informative, and valuable service at no charge. We also invite you to contact a managing director to discuss how this insight may positively impact your business.

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