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Client-centered M&A Specialists

Berkery Noyes specializes in mergers & acquisitions, debt and equity financing, and financial consulting.  

As M&A experts, our investment bankers are focused on addressing each client’s near and long-term objectives. Private buyers or sellers might complete one or two transactions in a lifetime; a serial entrepreneur maybe four or five. On average, each Berkery Noyes Managing Director initiates at least half a dozen transactions in a typical year, and closes at least three, giving our professionals the transaction know-how earned only by experience.

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Unity of Purpose

As an independent, privately held investment bank, Berkery Noyes is free to focus on delivering superior service to clients seeking M&A, debt and equity financing, and financial consulting services in eight core industries: software, online & mobile, media & marketing, education, financial technology, healthcare, human capital, and consumer & retail. 

Founded in 1983 by Joseph W. Berkery, a publishing industry financial executive, Berkery Noyes adheres to one overarching principle: putting the client’s interest first. This unity of purpose means we don’t try to be all things to all clients; rather, we focus on doing one thing well, with no upselling, no cross-selling, and no hidden agendas. This independence gives us the freedom to put the client’s interests ahead of our own. This ethos has resulted in more than 500 successful M&A and corporate restructuring transactions and earned for Berkery Noyes an unrivaled reputation among middle market investment banks.


Wisdom Born of Experience

Market knowledge is necessary but not sufficient to ensure the successful outcome of the transaction process. Only experience, earned by completing more than 500 mergers & acquisitions over the past three decades, enables Berkery Noyes to offer trusted advice to its clients.  

Founded in 1983 by Joseph W. Berkery, a publishing industry financial executive,  Berkery Noyes adheres to one overarching principle: putting the client’s interest first. This ethos has resulted in more than 500 successful M&A and corporate restructuring transactions and earned for Berkery Noyes an unrivaled reputation among middle market investment banks.  


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Deep Sector Expertise

Berkery Noyes investment bankers are more than financial advisors. They are subject matter experts with a comprehensive understanding of their covered markets.  

To be a managing director at Berkery Noyes requires deep knowledge of a given vertical, including personal contact with key players. Our MDs also have a demonstrable record of achieving positive outcomes for clients. This combination of market intelligence and transaction experience allows our bankers to see beyond the obvious and recognize opportunities that others may miss. Acquisition strategies, non-traditional buyers, hidden market value—all these and more are part of the Berkery Noyes advantage.    


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Superior Market Intelligence

Berkery Noyes operates in a research-driven digital ecosystem supported by a proprietary database of more than 250,000 companies and C-level contacts in the global information, software, and technology industries. 

Mandasoft is the Berkery Noyes information resource used to track current and historical transactions across our covered markets. This data provides a critical edge in the M&A marketplace, arming our investment bankers with deep insight into buyer strategies, comparable valuations, market trends, and key decision-makers among strategic buyers, private equity investors, and privately held companies. This database also supports our published research products, including dozens of weekly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual trend reports on distinct markets offered free to qualified subscribers.  


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