Berkery Noyes was fantastic at walking us through the process from beginning to end, and ensured we presented our company in an advantageous way. Any question we had was answered professionally, with patience and the right level of detail to give us confidence in their knowledge. The success of our transaction was due to the guidance provided by Berkery Noyes. I would strongly recommend them to companies considering a sell side process.

Samantha Kafedzic Chief Financial Officer Electra Information Systems

From my first conversation with Berkery Noyes more than a decade ago, I instinctively and immediately knew then that their team would be an integral part of my success strategy when the time arrived to sell my company. I remained perpetually confident in their counsel, appreciative of their patience, and impressed with their extensive network and industry experience. A strategic acquisition was critical because my company was a niche financial services software company. We discussed on many occasions that a shopped, open market bid for a random purchaser was not appropriate for my clients' long-term interests. If an opportunity arose, they knew what would work.

Not only did Berkery Noyes bring me the perfect buyer from a business perspective with the complete set of purchaser attributes that I wanted, but their skill in negotiating also resulted in achieving all my requirements for terms and conditions. The closing was flawless, and the transition process has been entirely smooth. Having founded and built my company over the past thirty-five years, I am thrilled for the pinnacle of success and recognition of achievement culminating in an exit at the peak of value, made possible by Berkery Noyes. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse the Berkery Noyes team of professional resources.

Stanley M. Street Founder & CEO Street Resource Group

The Berkery Noyes team was outstanding. Berkery impressed us with their knowledge and many previous deals in our space. As we considered going to market they never pushed but were great listeners and provided valuable advice. Once we made the decision to have them represent us, we found them to be well organized, proactive and incredibly responsive throughout the entire process. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. They were great advocates and savvy deal makers. I would highly recommend Berkery to anyone considering an Investment Banker.

Tom O’Grady Owner and CEO Pro Teck Valuation Intelligence

Great Execution – Despite a Pandemic!

The Berkery Noyes team’s performance during the recent auction process of our company was, in a word, exemplary.

Berkery Noyes impressed us from the very beginning as during the interview process it became evident how well the team understood our market including key participants, recent deals and potential buyers. Soon after we selected BN as our banker, the COVID pandemic hit. Immediately, all parties agreed that the process should be suspended. In May, we restarted the process and proceeded along the carefully choreographed steps they had outlined for us. By following their advice, we were able to generate strong interest amongst a broad array of both strategic and financial buyers. From the fireside chats through the due diligence process, everyone worked together as a cohesive team resulting in a transaction that has left our shareholders extremely satisfied and a buyer that feels that they were the lucky one.

We strongly recommend the Berkery Noyes team to any mortgage industry company considering enlisting the services of a banker.

Michael Jackman and John Vong CEO and Co-Founder & Executive Chairman ComplianceEase

When we were ready to sell our Company in the appraisal management space, we evaluated a few investment banking groups. Berkery has a great reputation and seemed to have a relationship with all the significant players in the space. After selecting Berkery and working closely with their team, they not only brought a large network of potential buyers, they 1) ensured our Company was ready for a thorough diligence process, 2) helped us negotiate terms in a unique and difficult transaction environment and most importantly 3) got the deal closed. I highly recommend Berkery and hope to work with them again in the future.

Andy Waltman Director Baymark Partners
U.S. Appraisals - investor

The experience that Berkery Noyes has in the appraisal management and broader mortgage technology space was a major factor in the board of United States Appraisals selecting them to represent us in a sale process. We wanted an investment banker with experience selling similar businesses and one that had personal relationships with likely buyers of United States Appraisals. The team’s industry experience proved valuable in identifying the best buyers and positioning the company for success in the sale process. Berkery Noyes was great to work with in the execution phase of the transaction all the way through closing.

Doug Owen Partner Petra Capital Partners
U.S. Appraisals - investor and board member

Thank you!!!! Congratulations to you and the team!! I love you guys!! We’ve learned so much from this process. You found us the BEST partner for ACES and you made it happen!! You’re amazing!! So excited to grow ACES!!

Kristin Farmer Founder & CEO ACES

We had been courted by dozens of investment bankers before we decided to rely on Berkery Noyes. At the end of the journey we can honestly say that we hardly could have made a better choice. Martin Magida and his team understood and embraced our company's values and philosophy from day one, managing to build a close relationship with our team that enabled an open, friendly and productive conversation all along. The level of attention to and understanding of our needs, and the negotiating skills they provided throughout the process were fundamental to maximizing shareholder value. Last but not least, in a stressful process like M&A, patience is a virtue and Martin and his team proved to be extremely virtuous in leading us to a positive outcome through periods of high stress.

Armando Romeo Founder and CEO eLearnSecurity

I was surprised with the candor and honesty that Berkery Noyes showed during the pitch process and delighted with the patience and perseverance they showed through a long and arduous process. Their interest in doing the absolute best for the company was evident in every single call every single week.

Mark Dailey Chief Executive Officer OpenConnect

We could not have done it without you and your team! We valued your advice every step of the way and are so thankful to you for everything. You were an absolute pleasure to work with. Your autism industry knowledge and M&A experience are second to none and the preparation, execution, and counsel were all exceptional. You exceeded our expectations and transaction objectives through your skillset, work ethic and integrity. You found the ideal partner for Proud Moments ABA and we are excited about the next chapter.

Eli Rubin Chief Executive Officer Proud Moments ABA

The Berkery Noyes team rose to the challenge with speed, professionalism, and deft management of the large and complicated transaction with Endeavor Business Media. They performed admirably and was relentless in managing multiple constituencies to achieve a timely close that we believe will ensure a bright future for the strong PennWell brands and talented employees who joined Endeavor.

Mark Wilmoth, Jayne Gilsinger, and Sam Jennings CEO (PennWell Corporation), EVP of Corporate Development (Pennwell Corporation), and Head of Commercial Development (Clarion Events) respectively

When we were searching for the right banker to represent us, we looked no further than Berkery Noyes given their deep network and experience in the mortgage services and fintech space. We were not disappointed. The team worked tirelessly with us to put together a compelling package. Their negotiation skills were a blessing to merge all the diverse personalities and business lines into one successful deal. Moreover, they took the time to understand our needs and wishes and compassionately helped us ride the emotional roller coaster that is inevitable in any M&A transaction. Working with Berkery Noyes felt like a lifelong friend was helping us find the right fit for our company.

Edward Chezosky and Doug Mitro President/CEO and SVP/COO Independent Settlement Services

Thank you so much for a job well done by you and your team! I have met a lot of investment bankers in the nearly 30 years that I have been at CARD's helm, and you have proven yourself to be the best. You showed a unique and comprehensive understanding of our business and market, which -- coupled with your hands-on approach and commitment to the process -- allowed us to evaluate a variety of very attractive options in a highly efficient manner. Your ability to appreciate our transaction objectives, tailor a process to best achieve them, and exhibit the leadership skills to motivate the entire team was impressive. The result was an extraordinarily successful outcome that enabled us to identify the best long-term partner to enhance our mission to serve the autism community. You have been a trusted advisor to me throughout every step of the process, and I will continue to rely on your advice.

Doreen Granpeesheh, Ph.D., BCBA-D Founder & CEO Center for Autism and Related Disorders

The BNC Team were great to work with - start to finish. They brought an understanding of our market space and really understood how our company fit, and was different in that space. Adding in the fact they provided wise counsel and always said “yes” to the twists and turns on the way to a nice transaction - I would highly recommend them.

Stephen Gerard Chief Executive Officer & Executive Chairman TGaS® Advisors

I want to thank the team for their excellent advice, management, and execution of our transaction. I believe we got the best result possible in this sale from both a financial and a people perspective.

Ken Moyes Founder, President and CEO EH Media

Exceptional negotiator and dealmaker – I can’t think of wanting anyone else in my corner for any transaction in the financial technology or mortgage lending space. Their industry knowledge, deep experience in closing deals, and uncanny understanding of people and their motivations, make them a most valuable resource to have on your side. They worked with our ownership team patiently and strategically before our deal consummated – and it never would have happened without their steadfast focus and tenacity. Berkery Noyes is the best in the business and I recommend them without reservation.

Ken Inadomi Owner Consolidated Information Services

Having known them for almost a decade, I didn’t consider hiring another advisor when looking for buy-side support for a transaction in a mortgage-related space. They have deeper experience and networks in the sector than any other banker. Their intellect and honesty make them a trusted advisor to both buyers and sellers. The relationship with the team at Berkery Noyes played a huge role in facilitating a very successful execution.

Adam Doctoroff Founding Partner Narrow Gauge Capital

The team was spectacular. They were knowledgeable, efficient and highly skilled in keeping the process moving from the initial gathering of information for the offering memorandum through the final contract negotiations and closing. In particular, they were able to navigate through the diverse personalities and issues that required skilled negotiation and objectivity. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend Berkery Noyes.

Cheryl Cox Founder & CEO EPIC Real Estate Solutions, Inc.

We feel extremely lucky to have had them working with us throughout the entire deal process. Berkery Noyes fought hard and consistently to help us find the best possible outcome that matched our own objectives for the business. Their leadership was a critical component that enabled us to succeed, and I can’t recommend them enough – we would definitely work with them again in the future.

Paul Jackson Founder & CEO HousingWire

Thank you. We appreciate your guidance, support and hard work to get us this great outcome.

Josh Geballe Chief Executive Officer Core Informatics

Berkery Noyes changed our lives. After many years of casual conversations about the mortgage industry, they thoughtfully approached us with a promising opportunity to share our success story with a highly respected investment firm. The investment firm’s quality and sincerity made us quickly realize the potential of a very bright future. Within months, we successfully entered into an agreement that will dramatically impact the competitive advancement of LoyaltyExpress as well as the peace of mind that comes with personal wealth.

Mary Beth Doyle Founder LoyaltyExpress

They were professional and effective to the point where I feel as though I’ve made life-long friends. The process unfolded just as they said it would, ending in a successful deal with the right buyer. Without Berkery Noyes, our deal would not have happened. Period.

Mark Oliver Founder and President Service 1st Valuation and Settlement Services, Inc.

I was delighted with the level of professional commitment of the Berkery Noyes team, both in terms of their knowledge of the market and focus on the details of our business, as well as their integrity throughout the process. In other words, their commitment was not just to getting the deal done but making sure that the right deal for all parties was the deal that got done. Finally, from the seller’s point of view, we were always grateful for their leadership.

John O’Shaughnessy Co-Founder Verisys

We chose Berkery because of the firm's impeccable reputation and the quality of the team. They zealously represented and stayed with us through every up and down during the deal process. The Berkery team was professional and on top of each step and detail. If something needed to get done, it got done quickly, efficiently and with exacting precision. They achieved a fantastic result on behalf of the Verisys founders and we couldn't have been more pleased. Deals are tough and the Berkery team was tougher. As a result of tremendous effort they got the deal done and the outcome was stellar.

John Benson Co-Founder and CEO Verisys

I can't speak highly enough about the team at Berkery Noyes. They are immersed in the banking and compliance technology sectors, and it was their persistence and professionalism that steered the sale to a successful conclusion. Their integrity and openness made it a pleasure to work with them. We look forward to continuing to enjoy the personal friendship that developed along the way.

Stephen Margrett CEO and Co-Founder The Turning Point

A good result and good people to boot. The creativity, professionalism and tenacity exhibited by each member of the Berkery team made them a pleasure to work with.

Stephen G. Hirsch Vice President, Corporate Planning The New York Times Company

We appreciated the advice and guidance of Berkery Noyes at every step of the transaction process. We are very pleased with the outcome and are grateful for the important role Berkery Noyes played in making this happen.

Dr. Catherine Kleinmuntz CEO and Founder Strata Decision Technology

The Berkery Noyes team showed both their business skills and transaction experience through each step of the process. Their insight in the information technology industry proved invaluable in what was a complicated transaction. It was because of Jeff Smith and his team at Berkery Noyes that this transaction has closed with two very satisfied parties.

Jinsoo Kim Founder and CEO Image Solutions

Mary Jo, thank you for your friendly and professional service during this process. For the Board of Directors, I want you to know that we appreciated your candor and clarity in all conversations. That was very helpful to us. Thank you!

Max Larsen Chairman of the Board

We were very satisfied with the work of Berkery Noyes and the thoroughly professional manner with which they carried out the assignment to the benefit of all shareholders.

Harold Regan President and CEO The H.W. Wilson Company

Berkery Noyes did a tremendous job of maximizing value in a challenging process. They surfaced a large group of prospective buyers and ultimately closed a transaction with a party we had not been aware of at the start of the sale process. I would be happy to work with Berkery again on either side of the table.

Jim Friedlich Operating Partner ZelnickMedia

Berkery Noyes provided professional, top notch services that resulted in a successful transaction for us. We enjoyed working with the Berkery team.

Kenneth Kahn President LRP Publications

Our advisor and his team were tireless in their pursuit of this deal. They are seasoned M&A professionals who are extremely knowledgeable of the potential buyers and industry trends. Berkery Noyes provided invaluable guidance and deal support every step of the way, which resulted in a successful transaction and outcome to all parties.

Kenny Hargis CEO and Owner Venture Encoding

Berkery Noyes did a terrific job driving and navigating this deal. It was great working with their team.

Michael Fram Managing Director Liberty Partners
Source Technologies, LLC - board member

It was a pleasure working with the team at HCC and Berkery, Noyes & Co. to complete this transaction. We’re thrilled to be acquiring a business with great prospects in both the library and retail markets and to partner with the Recorded Books team during this next phase of growth.

Michael Struble Managing Director Wasserstein & Co.

The Berkery Noyes team did an incredible job of maximizing value in a complicated private equity exit. They provided several compelling options to the selling shareholders and ultimately closed a transaction with a strategic buyer. Their sell-side M&A experience and sage advice helped manage the transaction to a successful close.

Howard Reba CFO Tradeware Global LLC

Our advisor and his team at Berkery Noyes ran a great sales process that resulted in a positive outcome for all parties.

Greg Bell Founder and CEO Healthx

The commitment, drive and integrity demonstrated by Berkery Noyes during the process were, without question, of the highest order. At every step during the process the team dug deep into the details, whether it was financial reports, customer analysis or final closing documents, they simply left no stone unturned. Their advice and counsel was invaluable and never once did I believe it was self-serving; they truly had the best interests of our company, the employees and customers as their primary concern.

Jeff Hoerster President AllRegs

Thank you so much for your creativity, guidance and persistence on getting this done. You guys did a great job!!

Elizabeth Granville-Smith Managing Director BV Investment Partners

The team at Berkery Noyes were invaluable trusted advisors. Their understanding of our business, the payment integrity market and the overall healthcare landscape as well as their M&A deal experience resulted in a great outcome for the shareholders, a great home for the business, and very positive outcome for all parties.

Paul Watnes President & CEO AfterMath Claim Science

Berkery Noyes provided very good and valuable insights and industry knowledge with integrity and transparency. They were spot on in their thought process and advice in providing overall guidance to lead us to a successful outcome. We'd highly recommend Berkery Noyes and would definitely work with them in the future if the opportunity presented itself.

Ted Simmonds Chief Financial Officer Business Ink

Very proud to be involved with Jeff Hennessy and the entire HMP Communications Holdings, LLC team. Thanks to Berkery, Noyes & Co., LLC firm for helping us out on this one.

Scott Feldman Managing Director Susquehanna Growth Equity (SGE)

The Berkery Noyes team was a very important component in completing our transaction. Their professionalism and dedication was continually on display throughout the process. At all times from the beginning to the end, they provided guidance, vision and much valued counsel. I cannot speak highly enough about the value they bring to the table.

Alan Baia Founder & Owner Cogent Road

Thank you for guiding M2S through the transaction process. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your team. I hope that our paths will cross again soon.

Greg Lange President & CEO M2S

The team at Berkery Noyes were valued partners throughout the process. Their guidance, healthcare knowledge, and commitment allowed us to find a great partner for our next stage of growth.

Michael Maloney Founder & CEO LEARN Behavioral

It was a pleasure to work with the Berkery Noyes team. Their dedication and professionalism throughout the entire process were instrumental in getting this transaction over the finish line.

Derek Dunaway Chief Executive Officer Chalkable

You and your team were a pleasure to work with. I have the utmost respect for the skill sets you exhibited in positioning the business, pulling together our materials, the tireless hours you put in, and the “get it done” attitude that purveyed all the way to closing. Thanks so much for your leadership in bringing this transaction to a successful close for all parties involved. I truly feel good for the Extension team and Vocera; a win/win end result.

Jon Jensen Chairman & Majority Shareholder Extension Healthcare