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Peter Yoon
Peter Yoon
Managing Director

Peter Yoon is a Managing Director at Berkery Noyes, specializing in the education and training sector, including the post-secondary, preK-12, childcare services and corporate training areas. He has advised education companies on matters relating to mergers and acquisitions, financings and general business development. Peter has also structured, financed and executed transactions as a principal in the space. 

Representative transactions completed by Peter include:

  • Teachers-Teachers' sale to Frontline Education;
  • Renovus Capital Partners' investment in Red Nucleus;
  • Chalkable's sale to PowerSchool;
  • Project Management Academy's receipt of an investment from Leeds Equity Partners;
  • Pearson's sale of Family Education Network (FEN) to Sandbox Partners;
  • ILSC Education Group's recapitalization with Quad Partners;
  • The Mandell School's sale to Rocket Group;
  • Forbes Media's alliance with Bridgepoint Education (BPI);
  • NCTI's sale to Jones International;
  • St. Matthew’s University sale to an investor group;
  • Investment in Goalbook, a special education technology company;
  • Investment in qannection.com, an online tutoring and student counseling company;
  • Investment in an online post-secondary course platform;
  • The acquisition of RightSide Advisors, a financial newsletter and education company; and
  • Additional transactions in other sectors including media, communications and healthcare for Comcast, NeoStem, Intercontinental Group, and others.

Prior to joining Berkery Noyes, Peter was a Principal at Epic Partners, an investment and advisory firm focused on the education sector. He was formerly a banker in the Media, Communications and Technology investment banking group at the Bank of Montreal and the Media investment banking group at UBS. Prior to this, Peter served as a Captain in the US Army as an attack helicopter pilot. He is currently a member of the Board of Governors of the West Point Society of New York.

Peter holds a BS in Economics from the United States Military Academy and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

In the News
The current state of the tech market and this era of integrated cloud platforms go a long way toward explaining the last few months in HR tech consolidation. Peter Yoon, Managing Director at Berkery Noyes, an independent investment bank focusing on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), told PCMag he sees several trends coming together to drive increased M&A in the HR tech sector.
"Given the complexity of factors that affect student performance and outcomes, the link between effectiveness and company performance and exits isn't clear as you might expect," said Peter Yoon, Managing Director at Berkery Noyes.
Press Releases

The following transactions represent ’s activity in the market. Click on a tombstone to learn more about each transaction. Additional information can be gathered by contacting .

Frontline Education Acquires Teachers-Teachers
Renovus Capital Partners Invests in Red Nucleus, the Premier Provider of Learning Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry
PowerSchool Acquires Chalkable to Bring Positive Behavior Intervention and Classroom Culture into K-12’s Most Comprehensive Unified Classroom Solution
Leeds Equity Partners Closes on Investment in Project Management Academy
Pearson Sells Family Education Network to Sandbox Partners
Berkery Noyes Represents ILSC Education Group in its Recapitalization with Quad Partners
Berkery Noyes Represents The Mandell School in its Sale to Rocket Group
Bridgepoint Education's Ashford University and Forbes Media Form Alliance


Peter Yoon, Managing Director
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